If you've been itching for more details on 5th Cell's upcoming action-packed shooter, then look no further than this article because the devs break down some juicy new info including how the factions are setup, the unlock system and more.

XBLA Fans had the chance to grab some bullet point details on the upcoming first-person shooter, Hybrid, and some of the details are pretty interesting like the game will have a max level cap of 50, but according to XBLA Fans it's unlikely that during the beta gamers will even reach level 25. I imagine this means that either there's an extra beta level cap or the exp gain will not be as easy as some other games out there.

The game will also launch with a total of 10 distinct maps and about seven different game modes for players to mess around with. The beta itself will be limited to three game modes and three maps. What's more is that the game uses a weapon unlock system so as you play and level up you'll encounter more unique and varied weapons, similar to what Call of Duty and Battlefield have become.

Gamers who want to experience some of these features in Hybrid have only the next two weeks to try to test the game out in the closed beta. You'll probably want to keep an eye out on XBLA Fans because starting tomorrow they'll be handing out 30 beta keys.

You can check out the complete list of details that 5th Cell dropped like a mean drum and bass beat by visiting XBLA Fans. For additional details on Hybrid feel free to visit the game's Official Website.

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