Destiny may have been one of the biggest selling games of 2014 but it wasn't a game that won everyone over. The title has some surefire shortcomings that manage to keep Destiny from being could be all that it could be.

There some serious hurdles standing in the way of the game's greatness for some gamers, and most of those hurdles center around the game being boring. Why and how is it boring? Well, for the most part, there are six major reasons why Destiny is really boring.

Lack Of Social Features
I'm not really sure whose idea it was to make Destiny as restrictive as possible on the social front, but it really took a lot of the wind out of the game's social sails. It took a few months before the game received public voice chat, and most of the interactions before then were handled through character emotes and avatar gesticulation. During missions, you don't really have party options to let you customize who you're with and how you travel. Also, the all-important matchmaking still seems to be MIA. It's hard to appreciate a game centered around multiplayer when key social features are missing. Hence, emergent multiplayer experiences and the thrill of meeting people feels mundane and contained.

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