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It looks like players are getting a sneak peak at the Destiny DLC content thanks to a glitch that one player managed to get on tape. If you prefer to stay away from potential spoilers, now would be a good time to stop reading and, I don’t know, go back to playing the actual game.

Gaming Blend first became aware of this video that’s making its way around the internet today via reddit. According to the post, the glitch allowed at least one person to take a gander at some of the upcoming DLC missions locations, as well as descriptions for some of those missions in the House of Wolves and The Dark Below expansions.

As the post points out, this revelation serves as proof that the DLC content, at least to some extent, is already on the disc. Bungie has since responded to payers who are questioning that fact, telling Joystiq some of the content is there, but not finished.

That, of course, makes absolute sense. It doesn’t appear that new planets are being introduced in the first two major DLC additions, so it should come as no surprise that the areas and even some of the enemies would already be built into the game. As we’ve already seen in these first weeks, Destiny can be chopped and screwed on the fly so, again, it’s no surprise that the team is working on these missions and, due to a bug, someone got to see what the post-DLC maps are going to look like.

“Now this isn't proof that all these missions are fully finished and sitting on the disc,” reads the reddit post. “However some of those strikes and areas shown as part of the upcoming DLC are areas that people have been able to glitch into and explore since the alpha of destiny. Like the Jovian Complex, Kings Watch, Bunker RAS2, Serapham Vault, etc. Some of these areas such as the Jovian Complex and Kings Watch have had enemies in them since the beta (Kings watch even has a fully functioning mini-boss).”

For those of you who are eager to take a peek into the future of Destiny, you’ll find the video below. Keep in mind that some mission names and the descriptions that go along with them could be spoilerific if you haven’t finished the story or simply don’t want to know what to expect out of the DLC. The team at Bungie has stated that the content shown off in the video is legit, so view at your own peril.

So, there you have it; a brief glimpse into the types of missions, strikes and story beats you can expect out of the coming months for Destiny. Look for The Dark Below to launch in December with House of Wolves slated for early next year.

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