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The next James Bond film hasn't even been announced yet but it's never too early to start planning the video game adaptation. Activision has revealed that development of a new 007 game is already underway, mere months after the Quantum of Solace game was released.

Activision Blizzard confirmed this bit of news during its fourth quarter earnings call (via VG247). No further details on the game were offered because, again, there's no details on the next film yet either. Expect to shoot people and sleep with scads of women, though.

The unnamed Bond game is due in 2010, as they don't want it to compete with the next Call of Duty game coming at the end of 2009. They're probably not concerned about the Call of Duty game's sales being hurt so much as the Bond game's sales. World at War, frankly, tore shit up last November even though the Quantum of Solace game was released a week earlier.

The upcoming Bond game will be handled by Bizarre Creations, instead of Treyarch. Apparently Call of Duty isn't the only series Activision likes to swap developers on. Given Bizarre Creations' extensive experience with the driving game genre - they developed the Project Gotham Racing series - it seems likely you'll be driving around in an Aston Martin a whole lot.

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