Some games desperately need multiplayer modes. They might have okay single-player campaigns but lack that extra bit of oomph to really make them memorable. On the opposite end of the spectrum some games have decent multiplayer modes but lack that necessary punch due to a lack of a single-player component.

In this case, we take a look at 9 games that would be better with single-player campaigns. These games are listed as having some great qualities but just lack the extra bit of content that would actually make them iconic beyond being flavors of the month. So without further ado, you can check out the full list and see if you agree if these games need single-player campaigns.

Rainbow Six Siege
Ubisoft recently released Rainbow Six Siege and while they've received a lot of positive feedback for the game's multiplayer component, they've received a lot of negative feedback for the lack of any sort of cohesive single-player campaign.

Originally Rainbow Six games were famous for their single-player components and their hard-as-nails campaigns, but this newest game is multiplayer only all the way. It's a real shame because with the destructible environments and a lot of attention paid to the detail of the weapons, this game could have been a great little single-player romp for gamers who felt like blasting down terrorist and blowing holes in walls without having to deal with pesky teammates or kids screaming through the mic.

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