AdventurOS Turns Your Computer Files Into Dungeons

The Glorious PC Master Race oftentimes talk about how great their computers are; how the graphics are amazing and the framerates are graciously heavenly. Well, one thing the PC Master Race doesn't talk about is how bloated the system folders can be and how much memory they take up and how cluttered they can become, etc. Well, one game is taking a vice of the PC Master Race and turning it into a virtue.

AdventurOS from Eveland Games is a Metroidvana game that features procedurally generated levels based on the structure and complexity of your operating system's folder architecture, hence the name AdventurOS.

The game takes each level of your OS's folders and then procedurally generates dungeons based on the files within the folder and folder structures. The higher in level you go in the game, the deeper you get into your own computer files. It's as crazy sounding as it is cool.

The concept garnered enough support from the community to surpass its IndieGoGo campaign by 153% and now it's seeking your support on Steam's Greenlight service.

Of course, a lot of gamers had a ton of questions about this 2.5D Metroidvana adventure, cooperative RPG (and yes, you can play with your friends either locally or online) and the most common question was: How will this game read my porn files? It's an insightful and enlightened question, if I must say so myself.

Unfortunately, the game won't turn your porn files into pornemies or plaster porn all over the walls of the dungeon, no matter how much of it you have embedded within the very structure of your computer. In fact, you won't even be able to tell which files generate from your porn and which files generate from the temp files stored on your searches for fixing that herpes condition. However, the developers have mentioned that they will be vigilante in broadening what kind of objects, structures and enemies come from various file types.

If you like the concept of running through your computer and killing the stuff spawned from all the files you've loaded onto it, then feel free to give AdventurOS an upvote or two or tell your friends... especially the ones that have a bunch of porn in their temp folders. Don't worry, your secret is safe with us.

Oh you thought that was it? Wrong! Like this article was going to end on a porn note? Please. We're just getting started... actually, no this is almost finished and you're about a few paragraphs from the end but it seemed appropriate to say “we're just getting started”.

Anyway, Truck Stop is like the junkie bastard child that was left in a dumpster with a needle in its arm by Criterion Software and Bugbear Entertainment. The game combines all the crazy explosive action from a game like Burnout with the damage, destruction and physics-based mayhem from something like Flatout. It's a destructive combination of meteoric mayhem.

Players will take a truck and drive it through various obstacles, perform various stunts, blow up buildings, blow up other cars, blow themselves up, create their own vehicles, manage their own mods, and partake in some of the wackiest vehicular stunts just short of booting up Garry's Mod.

The game looks like the sort of thing you could have some fun with and share with friends via YouTube. It's a niche sensation waiting to happen, but it's not going anywhere unless you give it some support and show it some love. Will you show Truck Stop some love? Yes?! Good! Just head on over to the official Steam Greenlight page to upvote the game until it arrives on Steam's store.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.