Age Of Wushu Good/Evil Player Alignment Detailed

One of the things BioWare really helped hammer into mainstream gaming was the ability to alter your character's alignment: you could be a chaotic good guy, an evil level-headed bad gal or a little bit of something-something in between. Snail Games has unleashed a bit more of a detailed breakdown of how character relationships work in the game.

Unlike other games where players arbitrarily choose to be good or bad because of a game selection, Age of Wushu's alignment is actually associated with what you do in the game and what you do to other players, it's not some preset stuff like in some other games. Kidnapping people, assassinations, beating the crap out of people or harassing other players just might put you on their blacklist. In fact, there's an actual scale of seven tiers of relationships in Age of Wushu going from good to bad, which you can check out below.

* Close Friend

* Friend

* Follower

* Acquaintance

* Enemy

* Blood Enemy

* Blacklist

The other cool part about this feature is that these relationships literally affect your character's experience and cultivation. That's right, having close friends who you train and adventure with can help increase your cultivation, which in turn can allow you to better enhance your techniques, or allow you to learn new skills faster. It's an impressive system where actually playing with other people can be beneficial to the player.

In the same vein, it's cool having enemies and rivals as it pushes you to enhance your character, to evolve past the standard goals and achieve greatness.

You can register for Age of Wushu right now over at the Official Website. The game is one of the only true wuxia titles out there that pays a great deal of homage to classic kung-fu films and wuxia literature. So if you're a fan of kung-fu it's definitely worth checking out.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.