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XSEED Games continues to bolster the US PS3/Vita’s library with more niche titles as Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed is announced for a 2014 launch on Sony’s portable console. Billed as a “flashy, wild” action RPG, you can probably guess from the game’s title that there will also be fan service aplenty.

Tentatively slated for a summer release, Undead & Undressed was originally released as Akiba’s Trip 2 in Japan, taking players on a whirlwind tour of Japan’s famous “Electric Town,” which just so happens to be overrun with vampire-esque enemies in need of a good pummeling. If said pummeling happens to result in the enemies and protagonists losing some of their clothing along the way, well, that simply cannot be helped.

“Players work to repel a brooding malevolence that has suffused Tokyo’s popular electronics district, Akihabara, which has been painstakingly remodeled in the game to resemble the real life counterpart,” reads the press release from XSEED. “Akiba has been invaded by creatures known as Synthisters, who prey on the otaku patrons of Akihabara like vampires, but feast on their will to live and energy to socialize rather than their blood.”

Yowza! That sounds a bit like some thinly veiled social commentary on the otaku who frequent the area, all wrapped up in a game that said culture would likely love to play. So maybe there’ll be a bit of brains to go along with the T&A, no?

The trick here is that the Synthisters can only be destroyed by being exposed to sunlight and, wouldn’t you know it, they’re wearing all sorts of clothing to prevent their skin from being touched by those killer rays. It looks like the player will need to beat the holy hell out of their enemies and try to strip away as much as that pesky fabric as humanly possible. Oh, the horrors of being a hero.

“It’s [your] task to roam this sanctuary of anime and gaming fanatics, identify the outwardly human Synthisters with the help of a handy smartphone app, and then beat and pull at them until they’ve been relieved of their clothes,” continues the announcement from XSEED “Everyday objects from baseball bats to comic books to motherboards can be used as weapons, and players can take their enemies’ unique clothing for their own personal use as well.”

In a Romeo and Juliet twist of fate, the player takes on the role of a newly made Synthister named Nanashi who, upon receiving a kiss from the human Shizuki, maintains most of his humanity and a desire to save Akiba from these soulless fiends. He and his friends will stop at nothing to strip some fools and help them get a killer tan.

If that all sounds like a fun way to spend your summer, then look for Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed later this year on the PS3 and Vita.

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