Beenox has released a Wii U version of The Amazing Spider-Man. A new video from the studio contains seven minutes of footage from this so-called "Ultimate Edition" of the game.

Amazing Spider-Man takes place after the events of the film of the same name. OsCorp has continued their experiments with cross-species hybrids. The city is soon overrun with these hybrids and it falls to Spider-Man to stop them. He also has to deal with an army of killer robots.

The Wii U version comes with four DLC packs for no additional charge. It also utilizes the console's touchscreen controller. The controller is used to play minigames, check the map, and more.

The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition is available throughout the United States and Europe now. It's priced at the budget price of $39.99 rather than a full $59.99.

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