Sometimes a lead singer's talent is too epic to be boxed into the strict confines of a musical ensemble, making a solo career the only option. If you've found that your Rock Band is only holding you back from greatness, then you'll be happy to know that Majesco has officially announced the development of an American Idol series of games.

Majesco and FremantleMedia have announced a partnership to produce games based on the Emmy nominated musical television show and, quite honestly, that's about all the details that have been released thus far, save for the following canned comment from Majesco chief Executive Officer, Jesse Sutton.

American Idol created the reality television singing competition format that defined an entire genre and grew into a massive pop culture phenomenon,” Sutton said. “This exciting entertainment brand has a loyal and active fan base that has generated billions of votes since the series launched. That kind of unprecedented engagement offers a unique opportunity for us to introduce new interactive experiences that develop those social connections.”

I won't argue with Sutton's claims to American Idol's popularity, but I think the UK's Pop Idol might have a bone to pick with it being credited for creating the genre. Then again, both shows were made by the same folks and, really, who cares if the chicken or the egg came first so long as millions of people are tuning in?

Majesco has promised that more details of the American Idol game will be coming down the pipe and, until then, anyone interested in yelling into a mike hooked up to your PS3 should stay tuned to the Majesco website.

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