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The Gears of War 4 hype train will keep rolling into the weekend as the latest trailer prepares to debut during some zombie-infested TV goodness.

Gears of War fans will want to tune into the season two premiere of Fear the Walking Dead this Sunday, as that’s when Microsoft will apparently be airing a brand new trailer for the upcoming third-person shooter, Gears of War 4.

And since you can no longer have an announcement without announcements announcing the announcement is coming, the whole thing actually got rolling a couple of days ago on Twitter. The official Gears of War twitter page posted a picture that said “3 Days,” along with a message that said “Start counting down! Gears of War 4’s next big reveal is coming soon.”

Yesterday’s tweet simply said “Tick-tock,” with a new image that stated there were only two days left until the reveal.

Today we go the following tweet, which boasts a super short clip and the message, “the nightmare reborn.” That’s accompanied by a tag for Fear the Walking Dead, and info on the premiere.

According to the teaser, fans can look forward to a brand new Gears 4 trailer sometime during the Fear the Walking Dead episode this Sunday, April 10, beginning at 9 p.m. ET. If, however, you miss out on the episode, we’re sure the trailer will be posted in a matter of minutes across all gaming sites, Youtube and the like. So, yeah, no pressure.

Over on GameSpot, they’e also pulled up a tweet from the Gears of War community director, Adam Fletcher, who had a tiny bit more to say about the upcoming Gears 4 trailer. He said simply, “You guys have no idea what is coming…but it is going to be amazing!” He followed that with a trio of hashtags for “NoReason,” “ThreeDays” and “GearsOfWar.”

So unless that bad boy leaks online before the episode airs, which we’re practically expecting at this point considering how things are going with just about all game-related announcements, we’ll see you back here over the weekend for a fresh look at the new Gears of War game. It’s a bit of a long wait until the game’s Oct. 11 launch on Xbox One and PC, so here’s hoping that Sunday’s trailer is meaty enough to tide us over until whatever comes next. Given the timing, we’re guessing this is about the last we’ll hear of Gears 4 before E3 in June.

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