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One of the most memorable TV ads from the last generation of gaming was the "Mad World" trailer for Gears of War. In celebration of the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition's upcoming release, Microsoft has decided to remake the ad.

The original and remade versions start out nearly the same way. Marcus Fenix is walking through the ruins of a human city. The inhabitants have long since died or fled, with the monstrous Locust Horde taking their place. It's a scene made all the more depressing by "Mad World," a grim song also used to great effect in Donnie Darko.

After that, the two versions of the ad sharply diverge. The Gears of War: Ultimate Edition trailer launches into a montage of scenes from the full campaign. We see a King Raven chopper being shot down, General RAAM executing a COG soldier, and a Brumak chasing Dom and Marcus. The trailer closes with Dom and Marcus fighting off hordes of enemies. It's a more action-packed trailer than the original that really shows off the breadth of the campaign and the Ultimate Edition's updated visuals.

The original version aimed to be more haunting and mysterious. Marcus - and the viewers - don't see any Locusts for the vast majority of the trailer. Fenix sees the ground rumbling and some figures in the distance and starts running. He then dives into a dark building to hide only to find himself at the feet of a spider-like Corpser. Here's the old ad, in case you haven't seen it:

It's a really frightening reveal, but it's an effect they can't replicate nine years later because now everyone knows what Gears of War's monsters look like. All the new trailer can do is show us how much better they look now thanks to Xbox One's more powerful hardware.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition updates the Xbox 360 game with the 90 minutes of new single-player/co-op content from the PC version. Players can earn 1,250G worth of new Achievements. Developers The Coalition also promise multiplayer running at 60 frames per second with dedicated servers and matchmaking based on skill.

GoW: Ultimate Edition will launch on Xbox One on August 25th. You can buy the game by itself or as part of a bundle with the console. A PC version is also planned but its release date hasn't been announced yet.

Do you prefer the new or old version of the Mad World ad?

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