Artistic Mass Effect 3 Scenes Created In Source Filmmaker

A series of new screenshots have been released for Mass Effect 3 as depicted in Valve's Source Filmmaker. A modder going by the name of Jediyoshi managed to put together some nifty looking scenarios in the Filmmaker using Mass Effect 3 assets and I think he did a fairly good job of it.

DSO Gaming managed to snag a few of the screenshots from the endeavor, some of which includes Miranda posing with two pistols while the silhouette of a space samurai echoes from the background, as well as Tali getting ready to blow the living daylights out of a downed Reaper.

The cool part about the Source Filmmaker is that it's not just limited to Valve's games. You can pull, push, pop and incorporate assets and props from just about any and everything that can be converted into an applicable format. I imagine this will prompt a lot of gamers to experiment with a ton of different games and aiming to create or recreate favorite moments from top tier games.

I'm also curious if the GTA IV modding community will step in and convert vehicles from other games for the Source Filmmaker, I can already imagine some awesome Hollywood-style chase sequences that can be manufactured using a few high-poly cars and a converted city map from one of the many open-world games out there.

The Source Filmmaker recently launched as part of a new initiative from Valve to help give back to the community by allowing gamers to play around with the cinematic editing tool usually used by the creative folks at Valve to put together their own cinematic sequences.

You can check out the images from the Filmmaker below, featuring Mass Effect 3. To start working on your own cinematic experiences, feel free to grab a copy of the Source Filmmaker for free using the Steam client.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.