In a move that will shock no one, Ubisoft will be releasing a whole lot of downloadable content for Assassin's Creed 3. In a leaked letter to GameStop employees, Ubisoft mentions their post-release plans for the open-world game.

The letter (obtained by Kotaku) mentions that DLC will be released on an episodic basis. If it's "episodic," that presumably means that at least some of it is story-driven. I don't doubt they'll slip in a multiplayer add-on or two, though. Ubisoft has created a team specifically to produce this new content.

The DLC plans for previous AC games were somewhat lacking in ambition. Last year's Revelations received only three add-ons. Considering the series is pretty much Ubisoft's go-to core franchise these days, it was only a matter of time before the company set up a steady post-launch schedule.

The letter goes on to state that they'll offer players a Season Pass. Season Passes typically allow gamers to pay a one-time fee and get several pieces of DLC as they're released. Ubisoft says they'll open up pre-orders for their own Season Pass soon.

Ubisoft hasn't officially announced any of these details to the public so they might not be entirely accurate. It makes too much sense to be completely false, though. AC is a major money-maker for Ubisoft and they're going to do whatever it takes to maximize their haul with each new release.

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