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Ubisoft has issued a new batch of screenshots from Assassin's Creed 3. This new group focuses on the multiplayer modes that will be included in the Revolutionary War open-world game.

The competitive multiplayer modes from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Revelations make their return in AC3. Players take on the role of rival Assassins hunting each other in expansive maps. The exact objectives vary from mode to mode but generally you'll be murdering other players, with bonus points for being stealthy.

AC3 will also introduce a Wolf Pack co-op mode. In Wolf Pack matches, a team of 2-4 players works together to wipe out 25 "waves" of targets. You have to wipe out all the targets in a wave before time expires. The A.I. will use lookouts, decoys and other measures to prevent you from completing your mission.

I remember being very skeptical when it was first announced that Brotherhood would have multiplayer. However, Ubisoft did an excellent job of crafting an online experience that's true to the single-player game. It's not just a deathmatch shoe-horned into the game to sell a few more copies. Wolf Pack seems like it will continue that trend.

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