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If there’s one thing an Assassin’s Creed game needs, its despicable bad guys in need of a good shanking. According to the latest story trailer for upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Ubisoft’s latest action game will have plenty of baddies for players to track down in industrial London.

Simply called “Story Trailer,” this latest look into Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate does more than set the stage for the latest game in this annualized series, it puts you face to face with some of the head honchos that will serve as your targets when the game launches come Oct. 23.

Set in London during the Industrial Revolution in 1868, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate takes place during a pivotal time for the region as the world truly began to move into the modern age. While corrupt politicians and dastardly lords were responsible for mankind’s heartaches in previous outings, your enemies aren’t such public figures this time around.

As the Syndicate subtitle alludes to, your enemies tend to stick to the shadows a bit more this time around, with key figures of a corrupt crime ring causing all of the trouble. As the world tries to march into a new ear, these folks are trying to line their pockets at every turn and doing so on the backs of the common man.

That being the case, it should come as no surprise that sibling assassins Jacob and vie Frye are on the case, doing their best to turn the tide and put an end to these shady dealings.

Here’s the setup, direct from the publisher.
An age of invention and prosperity, built on the backs of working class slaves. As gangster assassin Jacob Frye, you will recruit your gang to fight for justice on behalf of the oppressed working class. Lead the underworld to take back London in a visceral adventure filled with action, intrigue and brutal combat.

That actually sounds a bit like the setup for the film Gangs of New York, and I’m 100 percent okay with that. It’s also nice to see the Assassin’s Creed series move into such a different era, one that should offer some interesting new mechanics. Building a thug army certainly sounds entertaining, as does leading them into war on the streets of a growing London. Sadly, this is a bit too early in the world’s history for a Fulton extraction device to exist, so don’t expect to be recruiting new member by zipping them into the air via balloon like in Metal Gear Solid V.

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