The high-end racing game from Kunos Simulazioni exclusive for PC hasn't been in the media circles quite as frequently as Slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS, but Assetto Corsa is still a game worth keeping an eye on. In fact, Kunos has taken Assetto Corsa to another popular gaming portal known as the Steam Greenlight.

The racing title aims to bring gamers a really high-end, weighty experience. The graphics are also a top priority for the title as gamers are immersed in real-to-life cockpit details and lots of aesthetic details to help bring the licensed cars to life. You can check out a promo video of the game below from the Greenlight page.

Assetto Corsa features both high-end supercars and professional racing machines. So far the gaming community has really come out in force to support the game on Greenlight.

This is one of those rare instances where it's highly unlikely that anyone would not upvote this game given that it looks like an AAA title and plays like one, too (be sure to hit up YouTube and check out some of the hands-on sessions of the game).

You can learn more about the Italian racing simulator by visiting the official Assetto Corsa Greenlight page.

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