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Attack On Titanfall Video Mixes Titanfall, Attack On Titan

Polaris has decided to mash up multiplayer shooter Titanfall and the anime series Attack on Titan into an impressive video. The game and anime fit together surprisingly well.

In Titanfall, players take on the role of agile pilots capable of double-jumping and wall-running through environments. They can then summon large mechs known as Titans and climb inside to lay waste to enemies. Alternately, they can let the A.I. control their Titans.

In Attack on Titan, Titans are giant creatures that devour humans. They're almost invulnerable and as a result have nearly wiped out mankind. A small group of humans can fight back by using Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, gear that allows them to climb and jump with ease in battle.

In other words, both the game and anime center around agile humans fighting against powerful giants. The giants in both works have similar weakspots. In Titanfall, Pilots can climb onto a Titan's back, pull open an access panel and shoot up the mech's innards for great damage. Attack of Titan's monsters can be harmed by attacking the nape of their neck.

The principal difference is that in Titanfall, each team is composed of Pilots summoning their own Titans. The mash-up video, however, depicts an army of Titans fighting against Pilots. It's as if the mechs had rebelled against their masters. I guess providing killing machines with artificial intelligence was a bad idea.

This video makes me wonder if Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has ever considered a Pilot vs. Titan game mode for their free DLC plans. One team spawns in Titans while the other team can't summon their own. There are no respawns so the two teams battle until the Pilots are wiped out or the Titans are blown up. I'm not sure whether that would be balanced or fun but it's a thought.

As one of the biggest releases of the year so far, Titanfall has inspired several mash-ups. Most of them have been musical. There have been parodies set to the tune of "Skyfall" and "Wonderwall." Maybe the best music video, though, was the "Wrecking Ball" parody.

Titanfall launched earlier this month on the Xbox One and PC. The Xbox 360 version is expected in two weeks.