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This week Eidos is releasing another free piece of downloadable content for Batman: Arkham Asylum. The "Prey in the Darkness" map pack is now available through Xbox Live and will be released through PSN tomorrow.

Like the "Insane Night" map pack released last week, "Prey in the Darkness" adds two new challenge rooms to the game. The first, called 'Heart of Darkness', has you pummeling waves of henchmen in the Arkham Pumping Station. The second, 'Hothouse Prey', is an Invisible Predator challenge set in the Abandoned Glasshouse of Arkham's Botanical Gardens.

Considering how well the game is selling and the sort of reviews it received, many gamers would've probably paid for this new content. It's a bit confusing that it's free but it's admittedly a very pleasant type of confusion.

Update: Alright, so it seems that the free DLC will be released for Xbox Live everywhere except North America. It's a PS3 exclusive in that territory. "The new content will be available beginning September 24th in North America as a free download exclusively on the PlayStation Network," said Eidos and Warner Bros. in a press release.

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