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Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer Heads To Ace Chemicals Plant

Warner Bros. Entertainment and Rocksteady Games released the latest promo video for Batman: Arkham Knight, featuring a look at the combat, the stealth, the Batmobile and some of the open-world gameplay.

The mission in the video revolves around the Ace Chemicals plant that's been commandeered by a heavily armed, militarized mercenary corp. The group takes hostages at the plant and it's up to Batman to get them out.

We get a few more details about the Arkham Knight in the video, such as Scarecrow letting him know that his vengeance against Batman will come soon enough. This leads to the bridge leading into the plant being blown to smithereens and Batman having to find an alternative way inside the plant.

The combat system mostly looks the same (from what little that could be seen without quick cutaways and fancy editing) and the takedowns are as smooth as ever. With the way the video is put together one would think that they were watching a CG Batman movie.

Eventually the Batmobile comes back into play, with players taking down the mobilized armament from the uninvited occupiers of Ace Chemicals. At this point we see that the gameplay is entirely third-person, vehicular combat, the sort of thing you would expect from Twisted Metal or Star Wars: Battlefront.

It's been mentioned before but it stands to be mentioned again: the transition between Batman going into and out of the Batmobile during combat is extremely well done and very smooth. I especially like how he comes out of the Batmobile and can take to the air to glide to a location. It's the seamlessness of it all that helps make it work. Of course, what we're seeing are specifically edited scenes to make it all look good and we don't really know how well this all plays out in the free-roaming. I guess we'll find out when more videos are released or the June 2nd release rolls around?

One other thing worth bringing out is the environmental interactions during combat. We get to see how Batman can make use of stationary objects within the environment to take down baddies. I was especially impressed with the light fixture being used to crush the one guy. However, it does make me question if these are specifically setup within certain areas or if each combat scenario has some kind of environmental interactivity attached? If it's like The Godfather or Sleeping Dogs then that could be pretty cool, as it would grant players with a bit of options in each fight scenario to dispatch of the bad guys in different ways. If the interactive objects within the environment are only setup within specific places, well... something is better than nothing.

You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website. The game is due for release on June 2nd, 2015 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.