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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and the development team at Rocksteady have announced that the steady stream of DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight will continue today with the launch of a new skin for your Batmobile and the Caped Crusader himself, as well as some additional Crime Fighting challenges.

Though Arkham Knight launched a few months back, Rocksteady has been pouring on the additional content for the game ever since (so long as you’re not gaming on the PC, that is). Along with a bunch of Bat-Family skins for your favorite crime fighters and an update for the Batmobile that makes it look like it was pulled from the 1989 movie, fans of the game have enjoyed additional Crime Fighting missions as well as a brief side story starring Batgirl.

Those updates continue today with a handful of new offerings, which are included in your DLC Season Pass. If you decided not to pick up the total package, you can grab each of these additions to Arkham Knight for a few bucks a pop.

As you can see from the trailer above, September has been a busy month for Gotham’s finest. Along with the Nightwing GCPD Lockdown Pack, you now have a trio of additional updates to enjoy including the Tumbler Batmobile Pack, Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #2 and the Oirginal Arkham Batman skin that makes Mr. Pointy Ears look like he did in the original Arkham Asylum.

As you might of guessed, the Tumbler pack makes your Batmobile look like the rolling tank featured in the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight movies. That Crime Fighter pack will give you additional reasons to pummel a boatload of baddies, which is the perfect opportunity to show off your new/old costume from Arkham Asylum.

Everything listed above is on display in the September trailer for Arkham Knight DLC, along with one special peek at what’s to come for those of you who stick around until the end. I’ll give you a moment to go back and watch, just in case you missed it.

Yay, Catwoman! All we know is that there’s more DLC “Coming Soon” and it appears to feature the craftiest burglar the city of Gotham has ever known. I’m guessing this will be a set of side stories similar to what we’ve already seen for Batgirl and Nightwing, but you know what they say about numbering your poultry before they break free.

So there’s a bunch of new content for you virtual crime fighters to dig into on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting today.
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