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Batman: Arkham Knight's PC Version Will Go Back On Sale Very Soon

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has clarified that the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight will go on sale once again in the coming weeks. The game was originally pulled shortly after it launched on PC after tens of thousands of negative reviews went up after gamers reported that the game was nigh unplayable.

PC Gamer spotted the statement at the end of the recent announcement about the console version DLC that recently went live, which featured the 2008 Tumbler featured in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight series.

The statement is mostly a throwaway but while promoting the release of the DLC the final paragraph contains the following message for potential PC buyers...

The PC version of the game will be available in the coming weeks.

This statement arrives after months of the game being off the digital store shelves for PC when Warner Bros released the game that many considered broken out of the box. The game also comes hot on the heels of Valve's forced and Government mandated refund policy that had to be put into place after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission sued Valve and forced them to give consumers a refund option for digital goods.

The refund policy enabled gamers to return a game within two weeks of purchase and if it has less than two hours played on it. Once gamers found out that Batman: Arkham Knight performed horribly on anything less than a super high-end PC, most opted to leave a negative review and refund the game.

Warner Bros basically left a notice on the Steam store page indicating that Batman: Arkham Knight would not return for purchase until the fall. Throughout this time they had Rocksteady working overtime to fix up and get the PC version working as intended.

Other reports went out indicating that the quality assurance testers had warned Warner Bros that the game was not ready for release on PC and that the game needed a number of fixes before being released. However, the QA testers indicated that Warner Bros had no interest in fixing the PC version before release and that it would take months before the game would be suitably playable on PC.

At this point the decision has definitely come back to bite the company where the sun doesn't shine since the poorly handled PC release was nothing but negative publicity for the company. It's also a question as to whether or not the sales for the PC version will be anywhere near what the game sold for the Xbox One and PS4 given that a lot of gamers will probably feel as if it may not be worth it.

Nevertheless, the company has been continually releasing new DLC for the game and those who have a hard time denying nostalgic and cool Batman content will likely have a hard time passing up the game when it finally does become available again on PC.

On the upside this is at least a lesson to publishers not to release broken games on PC, otherwise they'll be hit with tons of negative reviews and just as many refunds. As the press release stated, expect to see Batman: Arkham Knight made available again for PC in a few weeks.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.