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Today the End Game expansion to Battlefield 3 made its global debut. PS3 players with Battlefield 3 Premium membership can download and play the expansion right now.

End Game's is based loosely around the theme of high-speed warfare. The four new maps are expansive enough to encourage vehicles. The expansion adds a dirt bike to let infantry quickly reach the front line. The new dropship, meanwhile, can airlift vehicles into battle.

The new game modes are also focused on speed. In Capture the Flag, teams can grab the enemy flag and then race it back to their base using a vehicle. Air Superiority, meanwhile, gives everyone a fighter jet and lets them battle for control of the skies.

PS3 players without Premium membership will have to wait until March 19th to download the expansion. On Xbox 360 and PC, Premium members will get the DLC on March 12th while everyone else will receive it two weeks later.

End Game is the last of five expansions announced for the game. It could be that this is the final DLC for BF3, then.

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