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A new project is making some headway called Venice Unleashed. The whole goal of the project is to finally strip away all the restrictive DRM-style measures put in place by EA and DICE for Battlefield 3 and allow gamers to finally mod the game instead of paying any additional features in the form of DLC.

It was noted on the Mordor HQ Forums that Battlefield 3 would finally receive the proper treatment the community always felt it deserved. Server modification utilities, engine design functions and a spectator mode, amongst many other cool tools all courtesy of community modders.

As many of you know, DICE and EA had mod support removed from Battlefield 3 under the promulgation that the Frostbite Engine had become too complicated for modders to understand or use, and thus, they would restrict all the game's assets from reverse engineering or modification.

Anyone with common sense knew that mod tools were off the table as it would interfere with the game's DLC. And, of course, who on Earth would buy DLC (for PC anyway) when the community could churn out free content, bigger content and more content? Exactly. It's like Gary Newman charging for GMod DLC while the Steam Workshop is still active. Of course, Bethesda does this...but the kind of quality DLC they make is not the kind of DLC you can mod into the game, so it makes sense.

Anyway, the Venice Unleashed project contains some of the following features...
Tired of having your eyes tired by the blue tint? Maybe you dislike suppression or want to disable destruction for a more competitive match. Or maybe you just want to have control over a wide set of features and settings that were initially hidden from you.

Using our powerful Extension System, which exposes lots of engine/game functions and abilities, you can now create your own unique mods and gamemodes, without the need of performing complicated and game-breaking file modifications.

Additional engine features will also be unleashed, giving gamers, designers, enthusiast and modders alike unprecedented access to the Frostbite 3 for Battlefield 3.

Such a shame that the community had to take things into their own hands in this way. The least DICE could have done – just short of making mod tools available – is leave the game assets unencrypted like what Rockstar does with Grand Theft Auto games, so at least there's a measure of convenience there for modders.

You can sign up to enlist in the Venice Unleashed project by paying a visit to the official website.
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