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Today the fifth - and potentially last - expansion to Battlefield 3 is making its PC and Xbox 360 debut. The new End Game content is restricted to Battlefield 3 Premium members for a two-week period.

End Game introduces several new vehicles, including a dirt bike, dropship and AA troop carrier. These new vehicles will be available on End Game's four maps. The expansion's maps are each based on a different season and are tailored for these vehicles. Dirt bike riders can expect to find several ramps.

The expansion also provides two new game modes. Capture the Flag needs no introduction to shooter fans. Air Superiority, previously seen in downloadable game Battlefield 1943, returns in a modified form. Two teams of up to 12 players apiece will spawn in mid-air with jets and fight for control of the skies. The airspace is divided into multiple capture points so it's not just about your kill count.

DICE's post-launch support for Battlefield 3 has been extensive. Each of the five expansions has added a different set of maps to the game, along with vehicles and equipment. New assignments have given players additional goals to grind out as well.

Neither EA nor DICE has announced that End Game is the last expansion for the game. However, with Battlefield 4's announcement looming, it seems likely that DICE will stepping away from BF3 for good.

End Game debuted on the PS3 for Premium members last week. Non-Premium members on that console will get the expansion on the 19th, while PC/360 players without the special membership will have to wait until the 26th.

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