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Activision, EA, Infinity Ward and DICE are all tangled in a web of competitive marketing aimed at vying for your attention, which in turn is an attempt to lift your hard earned money from your wallet. The publishers have been pushing out new promo material for two of the biggest shooters this year and it's come to a point where gamers will have to make choice between Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Of course, the rich kids will drop in and say “Hurr, hurr, I'm a real gamer and I'm getting an Xbone and PS4 with every game that comes out this fall, hurr, hurr.” but average folk can't afford to spend north of $1,500 in a single month on video games. Heck, that's rent, a car note, groceries and the electric bill for some people.

Hence, a lot of gamers will need to pick and choose their games this fall with calculated fervor. On one side we have a game pushing next-generation levolution and physics systems, a massive amount of players on screen at one time, massive maps and a deep weapon customization setup. On the other side we have a game pushing next-generation fish AI, a playable Lassie and more explosions than a cross-over project from Michael Bay and Cliffy B., where the entire crew is hocked up on ecstasy.

Helping gamers to further decide which game best suits the palate of their wallet, DICE and Infinity Ward have new trailers depicting both games in very different lights. First up, you can check out DICE's trailer below for Battlefield 4.

After watching that wallop of a trailer, you can check out Infinity Ward's trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts below, featuring Riley the dog facing down bad guys and saving America like a good patriot.

Man those trailers are about as disparate as you can get as far as marketing goes. There's no story in the Call of Duty trailer and tons of explosions. On the opposite end, Battlefield focuses entirely on the story and uses the action to help balance the drama... plus a dog gets punched in the face.

As far as features go, you won't be getting vehicles, environmental destruction or 64 players in Call of Duty: Ghosts. But then again, you won't be getting spawn killed, moving at nearly 70km/h while running or being able to kill someone by dolphin diving through a recycled building from Modern Warfare and throwing a knife into the air only for it to land on top of a sniper's head in Battlefield 4.

So which game has your fancy tickled and which will win over the contents of your wallet this fall?

Need to learn more? Feel free to visit the official Battlefield or Call of Duty website.

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