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Battlefield 4 Drone Strike

Gamers who pre-order Battlefield 4 will get a free expansion pack. A photo of a retailer sign reveals that this first DLC is called "Drone Strike."

When EA announced Battlefield 4, they described this pre-order DLC as "Premium." That suggests that they will be offering a Premium membership for the game. BF3 players were able to pay $50 to become Premium members and get access to all future DLC packs. Other perks included priority server queues, early DLC access, and bonus Assignments.

Each BF3 expansion was organized around a different theme. For example, Close Quarters focused on indoors gunfights while Armored Kill centered on vehicle-based, outdoor battles. Drone Strike presumably adds unmanned vehicles, but what else?

Drone Strike will be available to pre-order customers on all platforms. DICE is also offering a PC-exclusive Digital Deluxe Edition through Origin. Pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe Edition will provide bonus in-game items, Drone Strike and beta access.

Battlefield 4 was announced earlier this weekend. The game, like BF3, is set in the modern era. The first gameplay video showed U.S. Special Forces fighting in Baku, Azerbaijan.