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Battlefield 4 Gameplay Footage Features 17 Minutes Of Frostbite 3 Excellence

Gameplay you won't get on any other gaming system except the PC. That seems to be the point driven home with almost 20 minutes of footage of Battlefield 4 running on a high-end PC. Electronic Arts and DICE let loose the footage showcasing their proprietary Frostbite 3.0 technology, the latest in the state of the art interactive entertainment design toolset that manages to capture some of the most intense moments in gaming available on any platform.

EA had previously announced that this would be the week that Battlefield 4 made its visual debut, and boy did it debut. Brand new particle, fire and realtime dynamic liquid effects were all on display, along with enhanced lighting powered by Geomerics' Enlighten, the next-generation of physics-based deconstruction and enough explosions and gunfire to make up for any Hollywood blockbuster.

Patrick Soderlund, Executive Vice President, EA Games Label commented about the game, saying...

“It is thrilling to witness peoples’ reaction when seeing the game for the first time. It really makes you realize that we are at the beginning of a whole new era for gaming. As artists and craftspeople, we are focused on creating a dynamic, open design that brings people together with amazing, surprising unscripted moments that they’ll talk about for days. That’s the beauty of Battlefield.”

Maybe this time around DICE will provide some measure of mod tool support? I would love to see what players come up with either with making movies in Frostbite 3.0 or expanding on the game's content with user generated maps, skins and weapons. Although, that might eat into EA's DLC revenue.

Battlefield 4 is obviously due out this fall for PC and next-generation home consoles, the real question is whether it will look as good on the PS4 and Microsoft's new Xbox as it does on a PC running Nvidia's Titan? Unless DICE knows how to perform miracles, it's highly doubtful. You can learn more about Battlefield 4 by visiting the Official Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.