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Geomerics Unveils Teaser For Next Generation Of Lighting Technology

Geomerics' Enlighten is on the verge of a full blown evolutionary upgrade and the company wants to showcase and talk about their latest edition of the lighting engine that will be on display at this year's Game Developer's Conference with brand new support for Sony's PlayStation 4.

Geomerics’ head of development, Dr. Graham Hazel, commented about the latest update and support for the PS4, saying...

“With this release, we really focused on simplifying the creation of high-quality lighting for artists working on games across any type of platform,”

For those who don't know, Enlighten is a lighting solution middleware engine that helps designers illuminate and light scenes, environments and games in a specific manner. The engine has been used in games like Battlefield 3, Need for Speed: The Run and the upcoming Dragon Age 3 to name a few.

Geomerics recently opened a new studio in Vancouver, Canada to support their expanded growth. More than likely – and this is just a guess – but they could be ramping up for the next-generation of consoles, including the Xbox 720 and PS4.

According to Geomerics co-founder, Dr. Chris Doran, Enlighten will sport the latest in advanced shader technology and should provide an interesting solution for a lot of AAA studios seeking lighting alternatives or high quality filters for their games. The update will include advanced shadow support, new and advanced reflections, as well as advanced lighting, all of which you can see in action in the trailer at the top of the article.

You can look for Geomerics to showcase the latest Enlighten engine at GDC or visit their Official Website for more information.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.