Battlefield 4 Megalodon Easter Egg Discovered In Naval Strike, Here's How To Find It

Battlefield 4 is a more or less realistic military shooter but its latest DLC Naval Strike features an ancient sea monster. Players have found out a way to summon an enormous shark in one of the new maps.

The beast is a Megalodon. This extinct species of shark lived millions of years ago during the Cenozoic Era. Fossils suggest that they were up to 59 feet in length so I'm really glad they don't exist anymore.

However, you can find it in Naval Strike's Nansha Strike map if you've got some friends willing to help. You need 10 players to gather around a buoy in the water. It's located between the A and B flags in Conquest Large. The group of players can be either friendly or hostile. Doing it with teammates is probably best, though, to avoid jack-asses that will use the Easter egg as an opportunity to get some easy kills.

After a short wait, the giant shark will leap out of the water. He'll then land on the poor bastards clustered around the buoy. Everyone the beast touches will be killed. After that, it will leave as mysteriously as it arrived. Here's the view from one of the players in the water:

DICE has apparently been hinting at this Easter egg for a long time. They dropped clues about the megalodon through interviews, a hidden Assignment called Phantom Prospect, and an animated short released at the game's launch. It was believed that the shark would be found in Paracel Storm, the sea-based map that shipped with the base game.

I'm glad that, after all that teasing, DICE finally delivered the giant shark. I hope that the megalodon lived up to the expectations of the players who spent months trying to track it down.

Naval Strike is the latest expansion pack for BF4. In addition to a giant shark, the DLC features four coastal maps to give players more opportunities for sea combat. Nansha Strike is said to have the largest stretch of ocean ever seen in a Battlefield map to date. The expansion also adds new equipment, assignments and a Carrier Assault mode.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.