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Battlefield 4's third expansion pack Naval Strike will bring a little Battlefield 2142 flavor into the game. Its new Carrier Assault game type is a remake of the Titan mode from BF 2142.

In Titan mode, each team tries to destroy the other's warship. There were two ways to accomplish this. They could capture missile silos that would then shoot down the Titan. Alternately, they could board the Titan and blow up its power core. Carrier Assault will presumably work the same way except with aircraft carriers instead of flying warships.

Naval Strike also adds four new maps for multiplayer: Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker and Operation Mortar. In keeping with the water theme of the expansion, they're all coastal maps. Lost Islands centers around a fishing village and a crashed passenger plane. Operation Mortar brings players to an abandoned cliffside resort. A new amphibious hovercraft vehicle will make it easier for you to travel across these maps.

The expansion will introduce the usual amount of new gear as well. There are five new weapons to unlock and two gadgets. The anti-heli mine will give Engineers a new way to disable aircraft. The 3GL is a new grenade launcher for Assault soldiers to wield. These new items can be unlocked through 10 assignments.

Naval Strike will launch in late March for Battlefield 4 Premium members. The Premium subscription to BF4 gives you two weeks of early access to each expansion. Everyone else should expect to get the new content in early April, then.

Before Naval Strikes arrives, though, players will get the Second Assault expansion pack. Second Assault provides four maps based on Battlefield 3 multiplayer arenas. It also brings back the dune buggy and Capture the Flag mode. The expansion debuted on Xbox One in November. Battlefield 4 Premium members on PS4, PS3, PC and Xbox 360 will get the DLC on February 18th. If you're not a Premium member, you'll have to wait until March 4th.

DICE put the downloadable content for Battlefield 4 on hold in order to work on the game's various bugs. They're apologizing this month by providing players with double XP events and mounds of free items. However, it seems that they're happy enough with BF4's stability to start releasing new content.

BF4 will get five expansion packs in total. The fourth and fifth are called Dragon's Teeth and Final Stand. Final Stand hasn't been detailed yet. Dragon's Teeth will offer close quarters urban warfare.

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