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Just because the latest Battlefield has a serious tone, that doesn't mean DICE won't ever go silly again. It's possibly they may make another installment in the off-beat Battlefield: Bad Company subseries.

"Well, we haven't killed Bad Company!" said producer Patrick Liu in an interview with Guardian. "But we can only make so many games. Be patient – there might be something else coming up…"

So, pencil Bad Company 3 in for 2012? Not quite.

"We always have a couple of projects going on – some of them die, but some are more fruitful. We don't have any plans to make Battlefield an annual title – we want to make it ourselves we don't want anyone else doing it!" said Liu. "And no studio can make an annual franchise by themselves – well, the sports titles can but they're a very different breed."

The Bad Company games are focused on a four-man squad of misfit soldiers in the US Army. Their unit, the titular "Bad Company," is where the Army sticks all their troublemakers. Though they're ill-disciplined jokers and use unorthdox methods, the squad is extremely skilled and often finds themselves on top secret, high priority missions. Bad Company tries to be a little more "Hollywood" than the standard Battlefield games, which are generally trying to go for that "true war" vibe.

Bad Company 2's ending left the door wide open for a sequel so DICE clearly had some desire to make BC3. The question's more likely "When are they going to make it it?" rather than "Are they going to make it?"