Nearly 10 minutes of new footage has surfaced for Battlefield: Hardline, the upcoming first-person shooter from Visceral Games and Electronic Arts. The game is running on DICE's latest Frostbite 3 engine and features some pretty nifty new features that make full use of the engine and its levolution.

Thirteen1 managed to get a hold of some footage of the game, which you can see above, from Game Nosso de Cada Dia's Facebook page.

The video is played by an autistic fellow, so you'll have to bear with him and offer him a measure of your patience. Even still, the gameplay on display looks pretty sleek, as we get to see a little bit of how big the play area is, what sort of vehicles will be at the disposal of the police force, as well as the stage's verticality and multiple entry points for the robbery staging area.

In terms of size, I would say with the ability to enter buildings and scale the stage vertically, the play area is about as big as half the map size from the Waterfront in APB: Reloaded, which is pretty darn impressive. You can check out some additional footage of Hardline in some leaked beta gameplay below.

Battlefield Hardline - Beta Gameplay by play3-live

Of course, I should throw in some disclaimers because some people watching the video will jump to some obvious faults that you could spot faster than CoCo Austin at a Jamaican beach.

First up, you could obviously tell that the game is running an early build because certain forms of the levolution weren't in play when the guy was shooting the walls and other parts of the environment. I don't know if the physics modules for all of the vehicles are complete because the police motorcycle seemed to move a little wonky. It didn't appear as if he was moving on a motorcycle at all. I imagine that's something they'll fix up before release.

And, of course, the graphics may undergo another post-processing pass or two before the final thing. Supposedly, the alpha footage above was taken from an early PC build of the game, so it's obvious the game will go through the necessary refinements before this fall (or at least, we can hope).

The things that impressed me most was a lot of the environmental nuance. Again, the multiple entry points to the robbery scene is really cool, as it opens up a ton of possibilities for escapes and assaults. The ability to commandeer vehicles sitting around the environment is pretty awesome. You could use those vehicles to strategically alter the battlefield in a pretty big way (assuming you're playing with competent teammates).

So far I'm liking what Battlefield: Hardline has to offer, but ultimately the game's long-term appeal will be dependent on EA's commitment to a quality product over a rushed outing just to eat into Call of Duty's market share -cough-Battlefield4 being broken out of the box-cough-. I guess we'll find out soon enough as to how well the game really plays once E3 rolls around.

You can learn more about Battlefield: Hardline by paying a kind visit to the game's official website.

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