EA has announced a double experience event for first-person shooter Battlefield 3, giving everyone a reason to celebrate this week that doesn't involve fireworks and brats on the grill. You can still enjoy those other Fourth of July festivities of course, but now you can do it WHILE you shoot multiple tangos in the face, strap C4 to a plane and crash it into a tank, or eject from a fighter jet and snipe an opposing pilot while free falling in the sky.

Along with early access to DLC and an unwarranted air of superiority, it turns out that Battlefield 3 Premium membership grants some additional perks as well. For instance: Those folks will have access to double XP for an entire week, starting right this very second. You might want to quit reading this and start face-grinding on some tango mofos.

If you're not a member of the Premium plan, fear not. You'll have access to that delicious double XP gravy, but for a much, much more limited period of time. While Premium members will get their double XP through 11:59 p.m. July 8, regular peasant players will only be able to enjoy the promotion through 1 p.m. July 4. That's a pretty quick turnaround, so you better get to blasting fools with a quickness.

This is pretty good timing considering the fact that the Close Quarters DLC maps released just a couple of weeks ago. Now you can explore those new kill zones AND earn two times the experience, all at the same time. God bless America.

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