PS3 owners without an Internet-connected console will soon be able to get their hands on a few high-profile PSN games. The ESRB has outed a Blu-ray compilation of four games called Best of PSN Volume 1.

The PSN compilation includes Fat Princess, Tokyo Jungle, Sound Shapes and When Vikings Attack. Fat Princess is a multiplayer strategy game in which players attempt to rescue a princess from the enemy team's base while guarding their own hostage. In Tokyo Jungle, players guide a variety of animals through a post-apocalyptic city. Sound Shapes is a rhythm-based platformer. The fourth title in the bundle, When Vikings Attack, tasks four gamers with fending off hordes of Viking invaders.

Each of these games was also released on either the PS Vita or PSP. However, only the PS3 is mentioned in the ESRB rating. I don't think PSP owners are surprised. However, PS Vita players probably would've appreciated the option of a boxed copy.

The fact that Sony dubbed this compilation "Volume 1" is interesting. It suggests that Sony will be releasing several of these compilations. There's no shortage of good PSN games to use.

Will the future installments of Best of PSN be released on PS3 as well, though? Or will they appear on PS4? The latter seems like a distinct possibility, considering the fact that PSN games won't transfer over to that next-gen console.

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