A video game developer's lawsuit against Beyonce has been okayed by a Manhattan judge. Gate Five is seeking up to $100 million in damages from the popstar for killing a game based on her music. The lawsuit will head to court this summer.

Starpower: Beyonce would've allowed players to dance along to Beyonce's songs. Exact platforms weren't announced but it was going to utilize motion controls. Development was abruptly halted in December 2010, though.

The lawsuit Gate Five filed last year alleges that, days before their scheduled meeting with a financial backer for the project, Beyonce demanded new compensation terms. This spooked the financier and forced him to back out. Beyonce then broke her agreement with Gate Five. The result was that Gate Five was forced to lay off 70 employees. Beyonce's legal team, meanwhile, states she was within her rights to walk away because the company had not lined up proper financing.

Justice Charles Ramos, who greenlit the lawsuit, said that Beyonce should've given the company more warning that she was going to pull out of the project.

"You continue to negotiate right up until the time you pull the plug. That is not going to work with me,” Ramos told Beyonce's lawyers, according to the New York Post.

What really sucks about this whole snafu is that Gate Five and Beyonce could've both made tons of money off this game. The rhythm genre has declined in recent years but dancing games are still lucrative. Ubisoft has been killing it year after year with the Just Dance series. Starpower: Beyonce might not have risen to those heights but hey, who knows.

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