Willem Dafoe has been announced as an official cast member for upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, Beyond: Two Souls, joining fellow silver screen star Ellen Page in Quantic Dream’s latest offering. Along with the announcement that Dafoe will be in the game, the developers have also given the title an official release date of Oct. 8.

When Willem Dafoe isn’t tracking down a couple of vigilante killers or trying to take out Spider-Man, it turns out he’s doing his best to help Ellen Page understand her bizarre powers in Beyond: Two Souls. His inclusion in the game was announced today through the PlayStation Blog, along with a couple of videos highlighting his performance.

The first clip shows off Dafoe in action within the game world as his character, Nathan Dawkins, interacts with Jodie. Jodie is a young woman who “possesses supernatural powers through her psychic link to an invisible entity she calls Aiden.”

This second video features an even more realistic version of Dafoe talking about what it was like to fill the shoes of a virtual character.

Along with the announcement that Dafoe will be a big part of the story in Beyond: Two Souls, it was also today announced that the game will be hitting store shelves on Oct. 8. Also, anyone who pre-orders the game from GameStop or EP Games will net themselves an additional scene to play within the game, uncovering more of the mystery behind Beyond. Also-also, anyone who pre-orders the game (within a limited number) will be automatically upgraded to the Special Edition, which includes Steelbook packaging, behind the scenes features, a soundtrack, a dynamic them and an avatar bundle.

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