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On Tuesday 2K Games will release the Rapture Metro Pack downloadable content for BioShock 2 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It will be accompanied by two smaller pieces of multiplayer DLC.

The Rapture Metro Pack, priced at 800 MS Points ($10), will come with six new maps for multiplayer, some of which are based on single-player locations. A Rebirth Feature will allow players at the max rank of 50 to reset their rank to 1 in exchange for a unique mask. Three new Achievments/Trophies will be yours for the taking, too.

A Character Pack (160 MS Points/$2) will add two new characters for multiplayer. While that might appeal to a few of you, it's outshined a bit by he third piece of content: a new game mode called Kill 'Em Kindly. In a nod to a plot event from the first BioShock, this mode has players duking it out with golf clubs. Unlike the other two DLC Packs, Kill 'Em Kindly is free.

The PC will get this content "soon" but not tomorrow.

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