With less than a day to go until BioShock Infinite's release, Irrational Games has issued the launch trailer. The trailer spotlights the Songbird, a pivotal character who we haven't seen much of in recent footage.

In BioShock Infinite, Booker DeWitt has to rescue a woman named Elizabeth from the sky-city of Columbia. Elizabeth has been imprisoned in the city for 12 years. The Songbird - massive, clockwork beast - was her jailer during this time.

When Booker attempts to escape the city with Elizabeth, the Songbird gives chase. It seems this beast will keep popping up throughout the game. Because the whole city is airborne, the Songbird could really pop up anywhere.

This beast is far from the only enemy Booker will have to contend with, though. He'll have to fight the Founders and Vox Populi, two violent factions each eager to use Elizabeth for their own purposes. Freakish enemies like the Handyman and Motorized Patriot will also cause headaches. The result of this vast array of enemies is that they provide a lot of opportunities for surprise. You could be in the middle of a fight with Vox Populi and then suddenly have the Songbird swoop in.

BioShock Infinite will launch worldwide tomorrow. Early reviews have hit the web and they're sounding quite promising.

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