Irrational Games has released another gameplay video for BioShock Infinite, this time focusing on the combat. Infinite's combat features many elements from previous BioShock games but also layers some interesting features on top of them.

The IGN video seems to be a longer version of the VGA 2012 trailer. Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth find themselves in the middle of a battle between the Vox Populi and the Founders. These two factions are fighting for control of the city of Columbia, and both want their hands on Elizabeth.

A series of metal rails connect the various platforms of Columbia. Booker has a Sky-Hook attached to his arm that lets him ride these rails. It's a great way for him to quickly get in or out of battle. The hook can also be used to finish off a foe if Booker gets close enough.

In the first two BioShock games, player acquired Plasmids that gave them magical abilities. In Infinite, they've been replaced by "Vigors." The Murder of Crows vigor allows him to summon bloodthirsty crows to attack enemies. Devi's Kiss lets him toss fiery bombs at enemies. Combine the two and you've got a swarm of flaming crows.

Elizabeth will assist throughout battle. Here, we see her toss Booker ammo and salts, the latter of which lets him cast more Vigors. She also possesses supernatural abilities that let her alter time and space. Irrational has put a lot of effort into making Elizabeth seem like a living companion.

The video wraps up with a fight against the Handyman. The Handyman is a gorilla-like boss character with speed and agility. We'll find out later this month whether he and the other bosses will be an adequate replacement for the Big Daddies.

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