The votes have been cast, the results have been tallied and the fans have finally spoken. Following the reveal of the not-too-unanimously loved box art for Irrational Games' upcoming BioShock Infinite, the developer decided to hold a poll giving fans the chance to pick from six different images to decide which one would make up the game's reverse box art image. And now we can finally see the winner!

When Irrational Games revealed the box art for first-person shooter BioShock Infinite earlier this month, quite a few fans were unimpressed. The image features a pretty standard shot of hero Booker DeWitt standing in front of a burning American flag with a shotgun held over his shoulder.

Fans felt that the image marketed to the lowest common denominator, which director Ken Levine openly admitted. He stated that the purpose of a game's box art is to draw the eye of the buyer and perhaps grab the attention of folks who have never played a BioShock game before. Fans are going to buy the game no matter what the box looks like. In a world dominated by brooding heroes toting massive guns, it was thought that the selected art for BioShock Infinite might help the series win over a few new fans.

But as a way of appeasing the whining masses, Irrational opted to host a poll featuring six alternate versions of the box art for everyone to vote on. The winner would be made into the box art's reverse image, meaning you could easily flip it over and stare at something less standard if the original image is too insulting to your senses.

Garnering a big 36 percent of the votes, the dull orange image you see below has been selected as the winner. Hooray democracy!

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