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[Update: Turns out PC gamers are safe from the Black Screen Bug effect and it is not affecting them as previously reported. Carry on.]

Out of all the crying, shouting and back-and-forth dialogue between fans and BioWare over every single square inch of Mass Effect 3, there is a little something-something that has been brewing in the pot, under the radar...the dreaded Black Screen Bug.

Originally, a poster left us a video on the news article about Mass Effect's day-one DLC fallout, showing how he tries to play Mass Effect 3 after logging into his Live account, but the whole thing falls in under and he ends up with nothing more but a black screen. Well, the video has been making its rounds across the interwebs and ScrewAttack has confirmed that this is an issue they also encountered. Basically, the only way to play the game is to create a new profile but the game cannot be saved.

On the official BioWare forums a support member responded to one of the incidents for Mass Effect 3, saying...
We are currently investigating this issue and it would be of great assistance if we could gather some information from you, our users. If you could private message me your origin account details so we can look into this further that would be very helpful in our investigation.

This just goes to show that this is no longer an isolated case for the Xbox 360 but it also affects the PC version of Mass Effect 3 as well. There have been no determinate factors associated with the case or any real way to prevent it. For now there have been no official reports of the bug occurring for the PlayStation 3 version of the game but if they do pop up we'll be sure to let you know.

For now you'll just have to play it safe and play soft...because playing too hard just might break the game. So gently save the universe from the Reapers, otherwise you could forfeit the existence of every species in the Mass Effect world to the dreaded Black Screen Bug.

Thanks again to YouTube user JWB8199 for the video.