If you were hoping for a tacked-on, half-arsed, last-minute, drop-in-the-bucket, $2 politician haircut multiplayer mode for Bioshock: Infinite, keep hoping and dreaming because it's not going to happen. Not according to the game's creative director, Ken Levine.

The Game Effect spotted the tweet from Irrational Games' Kenny L., on Twitter, where the creative head honcho let loose a verbal assault of “nope”s, “no”s, "nein"s and “zilch”s. When a user asks Levine what the status of the multiplayer is in Bioshock: Infinite and whether it will still have multiplayer, Levine states “Nope”.

Given the definitive badassery of such a question, gamers were taken aback and sought better clarification from the man with an avatar that has one of the most overly masculine perms on display for public viewing. The user timidly asked the testosterone driven Levine if he meant “nope” he couldn't clarify on the situation regarding multiplayer, or if there would be no multiplayer at all, to which Levine laid down some textual man poetry to quell all forms of query about Bioshock's multiplayer, simply saying the following...”no multi”.

There you have it folks. Bioshock: Infinite will not have multiplayer of any kind. It won't suffer a fate similar to 2K's Spec Ops: The Line or BioWare's Mass Effect 3, where the multiplayer is crammed in and less focus is paid to the single-player content. This should be good news for enthusiasts who actually play video games to have fun and not because it has all the "Me-Too" features of a certain other billion-dollar shooter franchise from Bobby "Money Sacks" Kotick.

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