PathEngine announced today that their latest SDK, version 5.29, is currently available for purchase or download and they also ousted a list for a few of the upcoming games that will be making use of the AI middleware and it's quite impressive.

In addition to Jagex Games licensing the PathEngine for Transformers: Universe, an unannounced next-gen title from IMC Games will also be making use of the PathEngine and we'll be sure to shed some light on that title as soon as IMC is ready to unveil it.

JoyMax has licensed the engine for their highly anticipated SilkRoad 2...the game has been in development since mid-2009, so maybe they're finalizing AI routines and getting the game ready for a possible mid-2012 launch?

Deck13's hack-and-slash action game for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, Blood Knights, is also making use of the latest PathEngine and this follows on the heels of another Deck13 title, Tiger and Chicken for the Xbox 360 and PC.

Nexon's Korean division licensed the engine for another upcoming game they have in the works called Bubble Fighter and LivePlex will be using the engine for their Queens Blade title. Supposedly it will also be used in an upcoming, unannounced titles from Zootfly, Lionhead and Monolith Studios.

A list of the new features for the 5.29 SDK release can be viewed below or you can learn more about the PathEngine and its licensees by visiting the Official Website.

Key Updated Features:

* The possibility to generate connected regions query specific preprocess, and dispatch fast, exact connected region queries against dynamic and changing situations.

* Support for flagging individual agents as 'temporarily ignored' in collision contexts, on a per query bases, without invalidating cached collision data.

* These are potentially 'game-changing' optimisations in that they effectively make it possible to apply the SDK in new ways or to new types of situations.

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