This Bloodborne Fight Lasted Two Hours

Nearly two hours of a back and forth between two players took place in a PvP bout in Bloodborne, the exclusive hack-and-slash game for the PlayStation 4. The fight wasn't quite as fascinating as the time it took for the fight to take place, but it shows just how dedicated some people can be when it comes to online PvP.

You can see the video below, captured by Twitch user RhoParkour.

The Kotaku article explains that RhoParkour entered Chihaya_1996 game looking to kill some people and score some points. He actually begins hunting down Chihaya_1996 until he gets to a boss door that RhoParkour can't enter. Unfortunately for Chihaya_1996, he's not strong enough to fight the boss in order to escape but he's not quite strong enough to fight RhoParkour, this results in him standing around near the door of fog, not progressing but not being able to escape either.

The fight will droll on in a stalemate for more than an hour, with Chihaya_1996 coming out every once in a while to take pot shots at RhoParkour and then flee back behind the door of fog.

At around the 1:44:00 mark, things finally begin to pick up and the two eventually prep to engage. After a little more jockeying for position, they lock metal like rival rams lock horns, and in a less-than-thrilling bout, they fight for a few seconds before Chihaya_1996 is easily and quickly dispatched by his more dedicated and diligent foe. What's more is that RhoParkour hops behind Chihaya_1996 in order to prevent him from retreating back behind the door of fog.

In a decisive battle, Chihaya_1996 becomes another statistic of the slain in Bloodborne.

The biggest issue is that the fight itself was far less enthralling than what anyone would have guessed it would be. Waiting nearly two hours to see the pay off only to find out that the person who was being hunted was no match for the hunter.

Lackluster doesn't begin to surmise my feelings at the end of the video. I was at least expecting an epic or valiant effort, but that wasn't really the case here.

Bloodborne has the potential to tell some interesting PvP stories but I don't really think this was one of them, other than that a player had nothing constructive to do for the better part of two hours than wait for another player so that he could kill him. Maybe the moral of the story is that some gamers are just patient and will get a kill no matter what even when it's not particularly noteworthy, fun or entertaining?

Anyway, there are plenty of tales of trolling in games like Dark Souls, Dark Souls II and even Bloodborne. This one will go down in history as one of those tales that few people will remember or recount, mostly because it was just two hours of a guy sitting around waiting for an easy kill.

Bloodborne is available right now for the PS4.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.