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The games currently available for the Xbox One that make any sort of use of Kinect are pretty terrible or lackluster. In the case of The Fighter Within... well, just watch Angry Joe try to get a handle on the game in a hilarious 9 minute video. Kinect Sports Rivals is another game that showed promise but also showed how poorly Kinect could react and respond at times, making the game – which could have been very fun – inconsistently frustrating.

Well, Microsoft now has a new chance to win over the masses with Kinect in a brand new (sort of), hardcore shooting game... that's on-rails.

According to Joystiq, HeSaw Games is bringing Blue Estate to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The upcoming game is actually a port from the Leap Motion Controller... not to be confused with Leap Frog, the device that's usually used to help kids count and learn their alphabet. I didn't know they had real games on either device, but I guess HeSaw is proving that it can definitely handle more than 16 colors and 26 letters.

Now I know that when you see things like “Leap Motion” and confuse it with "Leap Frog" , you might instantly think “This game will look like my drawings from when I was five”, well the good news is that this game doesn't have your art-skill from when you were but a young toddler. Check out the trailer below.

Now I've got to admit, the game looks slick. Very slick. However, there's this itching feeling that this game may be kind of like a crappy mix of Red Steel meets The Darkness meets John Woo's Stranglehold. On paper that doesn't sound bad, but remember I prefaced those descriptions with the adjective “crappy”.

The highlight, however, is that this is based on the comic book of the same name, and it doesn't shy away from raunchy humor, overt violence and mature themes. I don't know if that could actually help save the game, but it could carve out a nice little niche audience similar to the ridiculously over-the-top House of the Dead: Overkill.

My only worry with this game is that the PS4 version will be the better version. As much as I keep pining for more Kinect game integration to separate the Xbox One from the PS4, the problem is that it sounds like the Xbox One version of this game may pale in comparison to its Sony counterpart, with Joystiq writing...
“News of the Xbox One port follows last month's reveal of a PS4 version, which will be controlled with the gyroscopic abilities of the Dualshock 4 instead instead of camera-tracked hand movements.”

See, the gyroscopic abilities of the DualShock 4 makes sense. Given that the Xbox One's Kinect can pick up heat signatures and whatnot, I'm not sure why you can't just hold the controller in your hand and combine the controller movements with the buttons for the same effect? It puzzles me that there's such a binary approach to gaming that developers take with the Kinect.

Anyway, something is better than nothing. Hopefully more developers will get risky with how they incorporate the use of Kinect for something that isn't just a terri-bad cash-in, as the only thing that can save the Xbox One at this point are unique, well-made games.
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