BodyCount Dev Says Xbox 360, PS3 Are At Their Technical Limits

While fanboys on the PS3 side will say that the 360 is still holding back the potential horsepower of the PS3 and fanboys on the 360 side will claim that the architecture of the PS3 complex processing setup is the cause for delays and setbacks, there’s one thing everyone who isn’t a fanboy must admit: The 360 and PS3 are old and dated. The developers behind F1 2011 and Bodycount revealed in an interview that both Sony and Microsoft’s home consoles are dinosaurs in the world of technology and both systems are pretty much at their technical ceiling.

In an interview conducted by CVG at this year’s E3, game director for the upcoming BodyCount, Andy Wilson, and the chief game designer for F1 2011, Stephen Hood, admitted that the current generation consoles have outlived their usefulness.

Wilson stated that…”It's been an unusually long console cycle and it's going to run on for some time yet...” he continued on to say, regarding the destruction mechanics in BodyCount that…”It takes a huge amount of effort to get all of that to even work on current consoles, because it takes shit-loads of memory, it sucks up performance out of the consoles like you wouldn't believe,"

Oh I believe it. The current gen consoles only have 512MB of RAM. In other words, if you tried playing any of today’s PC games with 512RAM your PC would cry and the game would laugh in your face as if you brought a butterfly knife to a chaingun fight.

The consoles have been outdated since 2010 and nothing really new has emerged (or will emerge) for them until the next generation of consoles arrive, which won’t be until a few years from now (not counting Nintendo’s Wii U, of course).

I can definitely empathize with Wilson and Hood about going around and about trying to get newer middleware tech to run on aging hardware. It’s also a little disappointing because it’s almost obvious that BodyCount’s “shredding” system really won’t be able to receive the utilization it deserves due to the console hardware limitations.

Regardless, you can check out the entire interview over at CVG. BodyCount is set for release on September 2nd for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.