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Gearbox Software is on the verge of releasing the first story-based DLC for Borderlands 2. They've sent out a bundle of screenshots to get you excited about your encounters with Captain Scarlett.

Captain Scarlett And Her Pirate's Booty adds a new desert region. The barren area is shaped by large rock formations topped by palm trees. The docks and weathered boats in the images suggest there used to be water here. No more, though.

Smack-dab in the middle of this desert is a settlement called Oasis. The town is home to bandits and other unsavory folk. One of the residents is the titular Captain Scarlett, a pirate queen.

The Scarlett DLC, which provides players with a number of new missions including an epic treasure hunt, will be arriving tomorrow. It'll cost $9.99 to download. For a discount, you can buy the $29.99 Season Pass and get all four campaign DLC packs for the game as they're released.