Borderlands 2 Heads And Skins DLC Brings Out Your Inner Duck Hunter

Borderlands 2 has received a flood of new customization options. Players have nine new customization sets, each containing a new head and costume, for the co-op shooter. Four are for the new character Krieg the Psycho, while the older characters have received one set apiece.

The sets for Krieg are called Dark, Madness, Supremacy, or Domination. I can't really tell which is which. They all make him look crazy and frightening in slightly different ways. You can't really go wrong with any of them. It's a bit disappointing that the sets aren't more varied. What about an NBA 2K14 cross-over that turns him into Lebron James? He's got the height.

Krieg was added to the game's roster this spring. Unlike his companions, he's a melee-oriented character. Krieg is armed with a makeshift weapon called a buzz-axe, and he can regenerate health by chopping enemies down with it. He can also set himself on fire or turn himself into a suicide bomber. He's best in the hands of an aggressive player.

The customization sets for the other characters are more diverse and interesting. Axton turns into a bearded duck hunter with his set. Salvador the Gunzerker becomes a monocled gentleman who looks like he shouid be selling medicinal tonic off the back of a wagon rather than dual-wielding machineguns. Steampunk clothing and a lightbulb hat are the Mechromancer's new accessories. Maya and Zer0 are transformed into a glam rocker and ninja/power tool hybrid, respectively.

The head and skin packs cost 80 Microsoft Points / USD $0.99 / GBP £0.79 / EUR 0,99 € / AUD $1.75 apiece. They're currently available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. There's no bulk deal in place so you'll have to purchase each customization set separately.

I'm really not sure why people buy these sorts of things. Especially with a game like Borderlands 2, where you're playing with three other people at best. I mean, I wouldn't buy this sort of stuff for an MMO either, but at least Guild Wars 2 has a better "Price to Amount of Players Who Can See Your New Pants" ratio

If you're looking for more substantial DLC, note that Gearbox released a new story-based add-on in late June. The add-on, called "Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep," introduces a new adventure inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. Players will battle medieval fantasy baddies like dragons and orcs while wielding magic grenades, and shotguns that shoot swords. "Assault on Dragon Keep" is $10 unless you have a Season Pass.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.