Gearbox has sent out another fun gameplay trailer for co-op shooter Borderlands 2. It doesn't provide any new insights into B2 but serves as a good overview for anyone who hasn't been tracking this game.

Players will once again have four characters to choose from. Salvador is a burly fellow who can dual-wield any two guns in the game. Axton is a soldier who can deploy turrets to assist in firefights. Sneakier players will flock to Zer0, who can vanish or create decoy versions of himself. Maya, a Siren like B1's Lilith, has powerful magical abilities at her disposal including Phaselock.

The trailer doesn't show the fifth playable character, Mechromancer. The Mechromancer is a red-headed cyborg with the ability to summon a robot in combat. This character will be available at launch exclusively to pre-order customers. Everyone else will have to wait until after launch for the chance to buy access to the Mechromancer.

Regardless of what class you pick, a few things will remain the same. You'll be able to team up with three friends and shoot up hordes of enemies across Pandora. In the process, you'll acquire hundreds upon hundreds of randomized, customizable guns.

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